Michael Thomas, Co-Founder

Co-Owner & Broker of REMAX of Cherry Creek.

Michael, a realtor at Remax of Cherry Creek in Denver, lives in the Stapleton neighborhood of Denver with his wife and three young children.

When he was seven years old, he experienced one of the most significant events of his life, the passing of his father. Losing his Father had an indescribable impact on him. It’s something he still deals with everyday. Being able to help other children struggling with the same hardship has always been of great importance to him. 

In early 2012, Michael and Steve discussed their mutual desire to collaborate on a charity golf fundraiser, They came up with a general mission statement, “we would support an organization/charity that provides mental health services to children of deceased or terminally ill parents.”  This vision lead them to Camp Comfort.  For Michael, this is something that is very dear to his heart and it means the world to him to help these children.


Steven R. Kabler, Co-Founder

Attorney and Principal of Miller Kabler, P.C.

The Kids Classic started out as a golf tournament which would benefit a good cause.  Rather than donate to a mega-charity, we decided to find a local organization we felt we could impact positively.  What ended up happening, was probably the other way around.  After searching for organizations to support with the tournament, we found Camp Comfort.  Seeing the great work Camp Comfort does and meeting the people who run the camp, it turns out they have had a more positive impact on us.  Being able to do a small part in helping Camp Comfort carry out its mission is a great honor and source of pride for me and my family. 

Camp Comfort, Benefiting Charity

Mount Evans Home Health Care & Hospice

Click Here to visit Camp Comfort's Website.

Camp Comfort is a program offered to address the special needs of grieving children ages 6 to 12. Children learn ways to cope with their grief through workshops and activities, building skills that will help them now and throughout their lives. 

More than 1,200 children have attended Camp Comfort since its inception in 1995.

Grief workshops are balanced with recreational activities like swimming, hiking, and fishing so children feel free to have fun and just be kids.  All activities are supervised by trained social workers, staff, and volunteers.